Paula Integrated Care


Our co-ordinated and person-centred approach envisages a relationship of mutuality between the services we provide and clients, at all stages of a service’s life. It recognises that all parties have vital contributions to make to improve the quality of life for people and communities. This includes Health service providers, Family and friends, Local authority, Community forums that support clients, Police, Faith groups and Local/National Charities.

This coordinated approach means that clients will have an equal say, alongside health care professionals and other key partners in co-designing a system that meets their needs. We believe that together we will improve outcomes for clients and make sure that they get the support they need at the right time and in the right place. 

Paula Integrated Care Limited will start by ensuring the engagement of all parties that can contribute to the development of a co-production network.

This will be achieved by

a) Identifying and considering people who are directly affected by the service, now and in the future and to adopt a wider community approach.

b) Considering people who may have a valuable role to play going forward as well as people who are currently involved in the lives of clients. This includes people who have a high interest in what is being taken forward but have a low amount of power in the decision-making process. This may include families and friends

Details of Services

Mental health

We provide domiciliary care and assistance to people with learning disabilities or mental health problems in the long and short term. There are several ways we can support an adult inside their own home, either with some practical household tasks, handling their money and independent living skills that help them maintain their independence within their home. Living independently isn’t always easy, and often finding or sustaining a tenancy can be a real challenge. We can help individuals start, or keep, an independent life in a place they can call home.

Live in care

In comparison to residential homes, live-in care can be more affordable than people perceive, especially when couples are looked after together. Rather than being charged twice, it’s merely a slight increase in cost.

Most important of all, carers are on hand to help clients enjoy some of their favourite things in life. With no timetables or rigidity in the day to day care, every day can be planned differently, offering a genuine sense of dignity, independence and peace of mind. Benefits of Live-in care involves

Personal Care

Operating according to your daily schedules and ensuring that support is personalised to your particular needs, a qualified professional or support worker provides you with discreet and professional personal care in the way that is most comfortable.

In particular, when it comes to personal care, we believe in the value of quality service and the same familiar faces.

End of life

The agency implements as fully as possible when required the guidance on palliative care produced by the Department of Health and Social Care and the Palliative Care protocols that have been approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

The organisation is committed to offering high quality services to all people who want to live in their own homes while they are terminally ill or in a terminal condition, unless there are compelling reasons to search for an alternative. Its service will be determined by the condition or illness of the person, the capacity of the agency to provide the necessary care and support, as well as medical guidance and counselling.

The following is the list of detailed services that are provided by the organisation

Companionship, social skills, social interaction

General living assistance Domestic care, including:

Special Tasks

There are aspects of the service that require staff to have specific experience or training to ensure they can undertake such tasks.

Tasks requiring specialist training or experience include:

All care staff is required to be assessed as competent before providing the above care duties Care workers will NOT undertake tasks that require the skills and expertise of clinical professionals. Such tasks include:

All tasks carried out by Care Workers will be agreed and set out in writing in the Care Plan/Contract.

Why Choose US?

Our Care Assistants are hired for compassion, empathy, expertise, skills and experience. We only hire those who share our beliefs and responsibilities to provide heartfelt, fully personalised care at all times. All members of our care teams begin their journey with a comprehensive screening process in which they are tested from their first telephone interview through to the completion of their mandatory training. Our rigorous hiring procedure is designed to give you peace of mind and reassured comfort.

Our staff is trained in a way that they are always on the same wavelength as our clients and therefore, both parties benefit from a happy situation where they can talk and laugh about the same things. Nearly every day we are delighted to receive positive, complimentary reviews from our clients and their families about our care for the elderly. We always listen to patient and carers’ reviews, which will enable us to achieve our dream of becoming one of UK’s leading live-in care providers.

We remain committed to providing a second to none standard of quality care and support while aiming continuous growth.