Paula Integrated Care

Company Profile

Paula Integrated Care is registered under the Companies Act 2006 as a private limited company, with registered office in England and Wales. Based in Manchester, our committed staff provides an unmatched assistance to all our clients to help them lead an independent and healthy social life.

At Paula Integrated Care, our passion drives our values and therefore, we can achieve the best standards across the industry to provide support to people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and autistic disorder. Our team of passionate carers are constantly working to improve standards and continue to be innovative in their approach so that they soon realise the dream of becoming a leader in our sector. Our evidence-based approach to care provides focused outcomes which can then be evaluated by our clients and management alike to continuously monitor the progress.

Our aims and objectives

We aim to comply with and exceed all regulatory and statutory requirements and standards through the core objectives identified by the company as follows

Meet the team​

To maintain service provision and ensure the safety of clients and staff, the organisation subscribes to three key attributes to good governance, and these are:

a) Recognisably high standards of care

b) Transparent responsibility and accountability for those standards

c) An ethos of continuous improvement. 

The organisation is managed by its founders and directors who are experienced, highly motivated, and commercially focused individual. The directors form the formal mechanisms by which the organisation discharges its responsibility to preserve the ethical governance principle.

Nominated Individual/Registered Manager:

The director is an experienced, highly motivated, and commercially focused individual with extensive experience of working in various business sectors. A natural problem solver and performance-driven professionals, he has a meticulous eye for detail and is extensively skilled and experienced in using a wide range of business analysis and finance tools to turn around businesses. The director understands her legal obligation and all the rules and regulations and is committed to making a difference to the lives of others.

Skills and competencies

  • Strong leaderships skills in board governance, new business development.
  • Comprehensive understanding of financial management principles.
  • Entrepreneurial with commercial acumen and excellent management skills.
  • A motivated team player who is results driven.
  • Results-oriented with a positive outlook, and a clear focus on high quality and business profit